Why Outdoor Games are Important In Schools?

It is no secret that children today, do not get a healthy ounce of life in contact with nature. Playing around in the fields and grasses have become a rarity even before the COVID-19 outbreak. Rocks, sand and grasses are now replaced by tablets, laptops and smartphones. This shift from outdoor games to indoor, rather digital games, is clearly taking a toll on them.
To break this unhealthy monotony, MS Dhoni Global School, best cbse schools in hosur highlights the need for outdoor games in schools. Necessary steps are also adopted to interest students in outdoor games. On reading further, you’ll find out the best outdoor activities for children, their importance and benefits. Don’t forget to ring a bell on your best childhood memories.

What Is The Importance Of Outdoor Games Importance?

Well, even though we are all aware of how important outdoor games are, the reasons might not be familiar to all. It is usually noticed that children these days are more of an introverted nature. They would prefer staying alone over hanging out with friends. One of the many reasons for this can be the insufficient development of their social skills. Playing with other kids helps build social skills in young children. When playing outdoors, children learn to share, relate, negotiate and most importantly, interact with one another. Besides such vital social skills, playing with others also helps them develop leadership skills, cooperation, and gain self-confidence. You must have noticed that children often tend to do things by simply following what their friends do. This is not always a bad influence. Many times, children tend to overcome their fears when in the company of their friends. Besides providing multiple health benefits, playing outdoors also help replenish the creativity in young children. top cbse schools in hosur  The unrestricted ability to observe things around and innovate experiences comes quite naturally when playing outdoors.

What are The Benefits Of Outdoor Games?

Now that we know the importance of outdoor games in detail, let’s take a look at the multiple benefits of outdoor games.

Benefits of Nature

Nature was a child’s best friend since times unknown. However, under the present circumstances and a little earlier than that, a major shift was witnessed. Hosur international schools The innate call to step out and play with friends is now being replaced by that of television and gaming studios.
Nature, in all her brilliance, can facilitate enhanced development of young minds. It can boost creativity, innovation and better health. The fresh air and physical activity increases oxygen and blood circulation in the body. This boosts memory and also enhances the retention power.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Games

The cons of sedentary lifestyle are not unknown but outdoor games are one of the most effective remedies to protect children from its wrath. It is also proven through several studies that children who play outdoors are less likely to fall ill. Obesity and similar health problems tend to stay away with regular physical activity outdoors.
When being subjected to nature in different seasons with proper protection, their immunity system tends to adapt better. This reduces the risk of falling sick often due to seasonal changes.

Mental Benefits of Outdoor Games

It is found that children tend to have more number of positive thoughts when playing outdoors. This consequently results to a more positive attitude in them. international schools in hosur Playing in the open gives them a sense of freedom which helps build their self-esteem. An optimistic and harmonious nature is another benefit of playing outdoors.
When they are mentally in a happier space, they tend to bond better and form stronger relationships with family members. Their academic performance also improves due to the enhanced retention abilities.

Skills Enhancement Due To Outdoor Games

Outdoor games, directly as well as indirectly, contribute much to enhance necessary life skills in children. They also help in replenishing their creativity and ability to think out of the box. When children play outdoors with their friends, they develop communication, leadership and collaborative spirits.

The nature is the best schools in hosur teacher when it comes to innovative thinking. Consider this common example, when kids wish to play cricket and they don’t find have the equipment handy, they innovate and use natural things to play the sport. This mere example reflects how important it is to play outdoors to be innovative.

MS Dhoni Global School is a strong advocate of good health and mental well-being in students. Thus, all this and more has encouraged us to incorporate outdoor games for students in our school.

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