In School Sports Program

We, at MSDGS, believe in making sports as an integral arena of a child & strive for the development of a strong and a healthy generation with adoption of a highly structured sports and physical education curriculum which is inclusive and age appropriate and provides a healthy and active lifestyle.

M S Dhoni Global School is bound to provide the best sports facilities in the world.
We offer,

Indoor sports facilities are also well-equipped along with trainers, having a great track record, providing guidance. Our sports mentors are adept in monitoring the growth of each player and helping parents to design their child’s dietary plans. Apart from prepping up these blooming talented kids, we cater to the individual needs of sports training.

After School Sports Program


History as proven, football has been an energetic sport for centuries and we, at MSDGS, channelise this legacy to our students by collaborating with Bhaichung Bhutia Football school, a leading football academy, that provides a platform to nurture talent within grassroots and provide best-in-class training & coaching for elevating skills of the students.


With the global presence, greater Fandom, and generational legacy, basketball has stood one of the prominent sports in the world. Hence, we have brought basketball at MSDGS in association with NBA, New York (US). NBA is popular worldwide for its excellence in coaching basketball to increase the physical potential of a student.


Tennis Court

Football Court

Cricket Pitch


Toddler’s Play Zone

Chess and more

Admissions Open for 2024-2025