Importance of Well-Stacked Libraries in Schools

We all live in a modern, innovative, data-driven world. The high amount of progress in technology and innovation has made data accessible at your fingertips. However, can these modern-day gadgets and machines overtake the various advantages of traditional learning methods? 

The school library is a fundamental part of every educational institution. Needless to say, it is the nerve center of academic education and also serves as a great place to spend your free time constructively. Most importantly, however, libraries are the places where you can expect smart and clear answers to even the most difficult questions.

Studies highlight the wonderful impact of a well-equipped library on children’s learning outcomes. It’s high time that we consider and educate our children about the significance of visiting the school library. 

Here are 6 advantages affirming the importance of school library:

1. A Plethora of Academic Resources

If acquiring information and knowledge easily is the main purpose, nothing can match up to a good well-stacked library. Books written by eminent researchers and scholars are a lot simpler to search for in a library as compared to the web. 

Our kids live in a fast-moving world with enormous explosions of information on a daily basis. Reading material in textbooks is not accurate enough to give them proper insights of concepts. Libraries offer students with supplementary learning material – that helps in preparing research papers and other projects.

2. Enhances Focus & Concentration

Reading information off a piece of paper improves focus and attention capacity, which is a well-proven fact. Libraries are a quiet zone where information can easily be obtained and retained better in a peaceful environment as compared to sitting in front of a PC at home with disruptive background noises. 

Next time you visit a library, experience how amazingly it drives away all interruptions!

3. Improves Personality

A school library provides children with various professional and life skills, thereby promoting self-improvement in young kids. It advances interest, exploration, and critical thinking. 

Libraries also inculcate healthy studying habits in children. A library is highly integral for the entire teaching and learning process. It invigorates interests in various subjects and expands one’s horizon.

4. Opportunity for Socializing

Sitting before a PC screen for long hours can be fairly depressing and exhausting. A school library has a human touch to it. It invites individuals and helps connect readers with like-minded peers. People to communicate with and conceptualize! Such enthusiastic conversations assist you with widening the horizon of your social group and cognitive skills.

5. Promote Reading Habits

Modern-day technology does have its own advantages but there always exist two sides to every situation. Addiction to tech-savvy gadgets has highly hampered the habit of reading in the young generation. When it comes to strong vocabulary, a good hold on grammar, and retention of language- the only solution is reading! The school library has a critical role in developing literacy and pleasure in reading. It is the best place for thinking and learning.

6. Improve Intellect and general awareness

Recent researches have highlighted the unmatched contribution of school libraries in the scholarly advancement of children. School libraries are also known to contribute highly in rich and unique ways, towards the overall performance of children in academics.

School libraries set up for a child for discovery and innovation. A Robust and viable school library system and a well-qualified librarian stand obligatory to succeed. School libraries also open a universe of wisdom for children. Aside from research papers and examination books, libraries additionally house scholarly magazines and periodicals. Perusing such material keeps children abreast with the most recent advancements across the globe.

The school library is an important aspect of school life. It furnishes an opportunity to acquire knowledge and conduct your research work. It offers a quiet place to study or just a serene environment to flip through a magazine.

The school library at MS Dhoni Global School has extended its reach to technological resources. It offers access to the internet, adding to your wealth of resources! We cherish a traditional feel of an upgraded library in our school. With more than 10,000+ titles stacked on the shelves for children to relish books from genres like storytelling, non-fiction, history, political science, psychology, and more, we make sure that no learning opportunity is left untapped.

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