Importance of Sanitization and Hygiene In Schools

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a major change to our way of life. Washing hands in regular intervals, wearing masks whenever we step out, maintaining social distance to decrease the chances of contamination, eating healthy food to strengthen immunity are some of the new norms that we will most likely carry with us for quite a while even when the pandemic eradicates. Sooner or later, the restrictions will be lifted and children will have to go to schools.

In this situation, their safety and hygiene are what matter the most. This places a great responsibility on schools to ensure that their campus is sanitized, free of any infection and follows all the Covid-19 safety guidelines. After all, children spend a great amount of time in schools and they can also become carriers of this pandemic when they arrive home from school.

Importance of a well-sanitized and hygienic school campus

A responsible school is one that gives its pupil a clean and safe climate, be it the faculty or students. School hygiene reflects in a lot of things; for instance, waste management, cleaning administration, and the overall health of students and staff. While this might be disregarded now and again, school hygiene is one of the most essential prerequisites of any educational institution.

School hygiene is also a determinant of school attendance. This is valid for both the children and the staff members, who often miss school due to sickness or general avoidance for going to a school that isn’t clean or hygienic. A campus that isn’t sanitized can attract a lot of microbes in the long run. Considering the number of individuals who go to schools, this can be particularly hazardous and can prompt infection and ailment for everybody included.

Health-related policies ought to incorporate the general hygiene of a school. The effect of school cleanliness on the wellbeing of those presented exposed to infections inside schools is huge. To promote hygiene inside schools, it is important to make things like fitness centres, health clubs and organizing meetings regarding hygiene as a rule.

When children and staff members are exposed to an environment that is clean and sanitized, they will be motivated to give their best. This is because the overall aesthetic of any classroom, campus, or space, can affect the overall morale and can discourage students from wanting to put effort into a school that isn’t willing to put effort into them. The school’s drinking water tells a lot about the hygiene standards of any school.

Schools tend to go through a large amount of waste on an everyday basis. This waste can be anything from food remains during lunch hour to paper and cardboard waste from classroom projects. Such waste can be a breeding ground for various bacteria present that can lead to infection. To control this, a proper disposal pit should be used to eliminate the accumulation of waste that is collected from classrooms, canteen, halls, etc. These are a few facilities that your school should have to ensure sanitation and hygiene in the premises.

Not just this but having a clean and hygienic school will motivate parents and other visitors as well. When parents visit a school to enroll their children, the natural look of the school will have a large impact on their willingness to enroll their kid.

Sanitized Campus in Housr | MS Dhoni Global School

The newly constructed campus of MS Dhoni Global School is specially designed to meet the requirements for post-lockdown circumstances laid out by the Indian Health Ministry. The school houses spacious halls to adhere to proper social-distancing, regular sanitization of surfaces, daily temperature checks, etc are put into action to restrict any kind of infection. A well-constructed infirmary, with 8+ medical beds and isolation corner, is made accessible to attend the emergencies with an on-duty doctor available.

We, at MS Dhoni Global School, believe that with a positive attitude and hope, every battle can be fought and won. No matter how hard the situation currently is, this too shall pass, and new days, free of any virus, will come soon. For the time being, it is crucial that kids are kept motivated and encouraged to battle the rough roads and be prepared to welcome the new days, which will eventually appear.

We welcome all parents and children to visit our campus and be a part of our learning system without worrying about the spread of infection.

Admission Open for 2021-22