Importance Of Sports In School Curriculum

When you get to think about education, we’re sure you imagine being present in a classroom attending a teacher’s lecture. While this is the most widely recognized method of learning, it is a long way from the most ideal approach to learn.

Why does sports education in school matter?

Most of the schools also are seen propelling their students of the list of best schools in hosur to keep their focus fundamentally on academic performance to help the institution improve its positioning in the industry. It’s high time that we understand that sports is undoubtedly much more than simply being a part of the educational framework. Physical education and sports are a significant aspect of a child’s overall development. While books only teach a child to be remarkably knowledgeable, involving children in sports helps them in developing a remarkable personality. Each sport in the present time, aids students in building compassionate, cooperative and leadership qualities . By taking part in any kind of sport, a child learns the humanitarian virtues and importance of being a team player.

Let us take football for example – the sport of eleven players involves a great amount of running. However, what is more significant, is that the game shows a child how to cooperate and work with ten different teammates towards a shared objective i.e. securing a goal. Additionally, similar to any other aspect of life, the game also includes a few triumphs and misfortunes, in this way one learns how to deal with triumphs in a graceful way while not taking misfortunes to the heart and focusing towards preparing for the next match.

Hosur schools is bound to provide the best sports facilities in the world. We offer,

  • Tennis courts – 2
  • Cricket Pitches – 1
  • Multipurpose Open Field – 1
  • Basketball Court – 2
  • Playground – 1
  • Multipurpose Hall – 1
  • Football Court – 1

We also offer indoor sports facilities that are well-equipped along with expert trainers, having a great track record in sports training. Our sports mentors in the best schools in hosur are adept in monitoring the growth and progress of each player. They also help parents in designing a diet chart for their child. Apart from prepping up these blooming talented kids, we cater to every individual need of sports coaching.

Benefits of sports education in school

Improves health and fitness: Regular sports activities inculcates the importance of a healthy living in students. Sports and other physical education help in preventing the risk of obesity and also encourage healthy eating habits in children. Young children involved in sports mostly consume more fruits and vegetables and have lesser chance to become obese. Plus, they are quite likely to become healthy and physically fit adults. schools in hosur Regular sports also helps in preventing various communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Encourage Personality Development: Playing sports makes students acquire important ethics, social values, discipline, and promotes a sense of confidence. This sportsmanship spirit helps a child deal with challenges more gracefully. He/she will be able to lead life with good moral values and a positive mindset. Besides, sporting activities help enhance leadership skills and improve the capacity for character building. It instills in students, perseverance and never-give-up attitude that is needed to succeed in every walk of life. Through sports, children also learn the importance of working hard in order to fulfill their goals.

Boost Academic Performance: The benefits of sports education stretches much beyond the boundaries of physical health. Regular exercise and sporting activities have a good knock-on effect on other aspects of a student’s of best cbse schools in hosur scholarly performance. Participating in sports is also known to enrich the cognitive and memory ability of the brain, helping students perform much better in exams and academics. Furthermore, qualities such as discipline and perseverance play a crucial role in enhancing academic performance.

National Development: Sports activities help build a good overall health standard of the citizens of a country. Good health fosters a higher standard of living. Moreover, sports promote the growth of sports-related industries, thereby bringing employment opportunities and boost the economy.

At MS Dhoni Global School, we have always focused on the 360 degree development of every pupil, which stands incomplete without considering sports and other physical activities. Hence, we have made sports training classes a regular and important element of our academic plan. We have thus established a fine balance between scholarly development as well as physical potency of our students. We request all parents to always consider sporting activities as a significant part of their kid’s daily routine even at home so that the motivation towards sports remains ablaze in kids all through their life. After all, it’s only when academic education gets amalgamated with sports, the development of a child becomes complete.