Salient Features of a Modern Curriculum

What is a curriculum?

The term curriculum has been derived from the word ‘Currere’ which implies a ‘race course’ or a runway on which one rushes to arrive at an objective. True, when it comes to modern-day education which requires one to compete with others and fulfill one’s dreams. A curriculum is an instructional and educational program by following which learners accomplish their objectives, goals, and yearnings of life. It is the curriculum through which the overall aspects of a school education get solid articulation.

A curriculum is a significant part of any educational framework. It helps in the arrangement of the education cycle in international schools in hosur or method for a given timeframe (a term, lecture, classroom session, and so on). As the saying goes, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. A curriculum generally comprises a constant chain of activities expected to transform educational goals and vision into strong objectives, regular exercises, and learning material.

This is why a school curriculum is of utmost importance, as it mandates how teachers and students will spend their time—in a lab, in the classroom, in the playground, in listening to lectures, etc. It also displays what a school or an educational institution values, what they see as their mission, and what it expects from its learners to achieve.

Importance of Modern Curriculum

A modern curriculum is one that assists scholars in growing creatively, emotionally and procure the skills, knowledge, values, and attributes crucial for becoming responsible and productive citizens. It is an efficient and orderly packaging of abilities (for example information, skills, and perspectives that are supported by values) that students ought to gain through coordinated learning experiences.

A modern school curriculum plays a significant role in top cbse schools in hosur the development of reasoning aptitudes and procurement of relevant information that students need to apply with regards to their examinations, everyday life, and vocations/careers. The curriculum ought to involve 3 significant segments in a well-organized manner i.e. theory, practical experiments and projects for acquiring conceptual learning and practice, and improvement of aptitudes in students. Seeing the different contemporary issues and difficulties arising in the field of current schooling, interdisciplinary courses should be infused in the curriculum to ensure the holistic development of children.

Not only curricular development, major emphasis should also be given on how this knowledge is imparted in any school. The main responsibility of the curriculum transaction lies on top schools in hosur the educators and school management who may use different types of pedagogies to create a fun academic environment where students are eager to learn and experiment.

Modern Curriculum at MS Dhoni Global School, Bangalore

When the right approaches are followed, children do become appropriately educated. MS Dhoni Global School follows a number of learning approaches that adhere to a modern curriculum.

Learner-Oriented :MS Dhoni Global School is a place where educators and students are committed to each other and share collectively in the school vision. It is a learning community where all decisions measure up to one question, “What is best for learners?” 

The school functions according to what we know about how our students learn, and it is guided by profound respect for students, teachers, as well as parents. Here, the curriculum is not something that is simply passed along from the management to students but a process through which children are engaged in actively seeking answers, collectively working through problems, accessing information, analyzing it, presenting their views, and developing new horizons to be explored. We believe that this kind of educational framework leads to more sustained and powerful learning.

Innovation and Creativity: Innovation and creativity are important for all academic disciplines and educational activities, not only arts. The creative process is a critical component of making sense of learning experiences. A number of approaches to teaching and learning are considered at MS Dhoni Global School that help to nurture creativity and innovation. 

Experiential Learning: Experiential learning comprises learning activities, both inside and outside the classroom that are designed to actively engage students to learn by doing, reflecting on the process, and actively creating their own understanding. Experiential learning activities can be designed and incorporated into any learning environment, from kindergarten, through school and tertiary education as well as adult education.

Values, Culture & Discipline: At the top schools in hosur, students are encouraged to display values and to devote time to intelligent practices. We firmly believe that this enables children to be disciplined learners and honest members of society. Our Value-based pedagogy supports our work to effectively promote Indian values, personal freedom, mutual regard, and resilience of all beliefs, cultures, and societies.

Collaborative Learning: Collaboration hoists the result of any work and learning is no different. When students are required to work in a group, they seek viewpoints from their peers. At MS Dhoni Global School, the learning cycle doesn’t remain restricted to classrooms. They go beyond the school premises as well. The conversations that occur in the corridors/canteen bring about commitment, contribution, and steady aggregation of information. Be it inside the classroom or outside, cooperative learning is important to overcome the self-created rivalry between students.

MS Dhoni Global School achieves this modern academic feat by applying contemporary learning methodologies that go beyond the boundaries of traditional lectures and note-taking. Here, students study in a curriculum that is futuristic, skill-oriented, and multi-directional where curiosity is a major driver of education rather than any set syllabus. Everything about academics ultimately comes down to learning. 

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